Anticorrosive Paint Series

Anticorrosive Paint Series

Paint is used in the object surface, can be used to protect the interior of the object, not corrosion of a type of paint.

In the industrial construction, it is a kind of commonly used paint, widely used in aviation, marine, chemical, oil pipeline, steel knot hook, bridge, oil drilling platform and other fields.

Floor Paint Series

Floor Paint Series

A variety of different substances through mixing, dissolution, dispersion and other multi-channel production process.

Floor paint with real, beautiful, wear-resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other characteristics.

Fluorocarbon Paint Series

Fluorocarbon Paint Series

Fluorocarbon coatings mainly film material is fluorine resin

Fluorine paint is widely used in the construction, chemical industry, electrical and electronic industry, machinery industry, aerospace industry, home supplies and other fields.

Epoxy Paint Series

Epoxy Paint Series

The Composition of Epoxy Paint: Epoxy resin, Constitution Pigment, and Composition of Curing Agent.

Applicable to various light metals and cement structure surfaces. The areas involved include railway bridges, high voltage transmission towers, offshore drilling and oil recovery equipment, various vehicle chassis, heavy machinery, marine, chemical, pipeline and other places.

A variety of Color Nitrocellulose Enamel

Mainly used to protect the decoration of vehicles, machine tools, machinery and wood

Decoration Paint

Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Paint

Suitable for the underwater steel structure, chemical plants, sewage treatment pool, refinery pipeline and steel storage tanks

Bridge Paint

Acrylic Enamel

Applicable to all kinds of light metal surface, but also steel bridge bridge, electrical and other protective and decorative role.

Steel Paint

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